Monday, January 18, 2010

The Power of Kokyu Ryoku

Translation: Kokyu - breathe, respire, Ryoku - power

In the following translation of an excerpt from Aikido no Kokoro - Kokyu Ryoku (合氣道の心ー呼吸力) Sunadomari Kanshu describes the meaning of power of Kokyu Ryoku in Manseikan Aikido and how the term Kokyu Ryoku carries a much deeper meaning than it's simple translation of breathe power.

Kokyu Ryoku in Manseikan Aikido

Within the spirit of Aikido, which begins “Aiki is love....”, the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba said that, “this martial art is the supreme way and call to unite our body and spirit under the laws of heaven,” however what was meant by “the laws of heaven”. In short, these laws are nothing less than those, which bind all things together that exist within nature. Morihei Ueshiba often referred to Aikido as Takemusu Aiki (武産合気), which means the spontaneous generation of martial techniques by remaining in accordance with the power and structure of nature. It was said that Aikido offers us a way to teach the “basis” for creation of such techniques and therefore an understanding this “basis” is clearly an essential requirement for the generation of infinite techniques. This “basis” is the power to unify, this is the power of Kokyu Ryoku.